The 9 best beaches in Santorini


If you are looking for beaches beyond the usual, then Santorini is an ideal choice for your case. You can explore beaches in Santorini with Santorini Private Tour. The volcanic rocks of the island with the characteristic black that the visitor encounters in most of the beaches of the island, in combination with the deep waters of the southern Aegean, is something that we think you won’t find elsewhere.

1. Armeni Beach

It is a small coastal picturesque settlement in the northwestern part of the island, just below Oia. Access there is either by boat, or on foot from Ammoudi, or by donkey from Oia, descending 286 steps. The beach is small, with red and black large rocks that spring from the very deep waters, ideal for swimmers looking for separate locations for their swim. In the area you will find a diving center, as well as small traditional taverns

2. Columbo Beach

Do you want loneliness and isolation? The beach of Columbo offers it to you. Very close to Baxedes, Columbo is a secluded sandy beach, one of the most beautiful in Oia. Arriving at Columbo you should leave your means of transport on the road and go down the high rock that surrounds the beach by a narrow path. But you will be compensated for the small inconvenience.

The rock provides you with natural shade from the sun while the waters here are warm, since in the area is the most active underwater crater on the island. Do not forget to take drinking water with you, because Columbo doesn’t have restaurants.

3. Baxedes beach

Covered with black volcanic sand, like most beaches on the island, the beach at Baxedes is one of the most famous beaches of Oia. It is the best choice for those who seek calm and complete relaxation during their bath. You will rarely see a lot of people on this beach, it is not preferred by young people but by families with children and by surfers, due to the strong north winds. It is located in the northern part of Santorini, 11 km from Fira and consists mainly of black sand and rocks.

4. Red beach

Red Beach is another location of Santorini that is worth visiting for its diversity. It is located in the southwestern part of the island, very close to the village of Akrotiri. It is a picturesque beach, one of the most famous on the island, although access to it is very difficult. It got its name from the intense red color of the sand and rocks of the area. It is an organized but quiet beach.

5. White beach

White beach is the natural continuation of Red Beach. The only way to get here is by boat from Red Beach or Perissa. It is a small beach with black sand and pebbles surrounded by high white rocks, from where it got its name. It has a few umbrellas and sunbeds, but do not forget to have drinking water with you, as you will not find a canteen or a tavern.

6. Vourvoulos beach

Vourvoulos is a quiet beach in the northeastern part of Santorini, with black pebbles and impressive rocks that surround it. It is not one of the most organized beaches on the island, but it has a few umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as a tavern. In the area you will see mainly families, locals and water sports athletes.

7. Kamari beach

Kamari is a large coastal settlement in the southeastern part of the island, with intense tourist traffic. Its beach is huge in length and width, perfectly organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and tourist shops, with fine black sand and gravel and deep water. At the southern end of the beach dominates a high cliff, from which many daring bathers dive.

8. Monolithos beach

This is the favorite beach of the locals. It is located in the east of the island, right between Vourvoulos and Kamari. It is a long beach with fine black sand, very shallow waters, quite organized with moderate tourist traffic. So if you have children and you want to enjoy family moments playing with them, Monolithos is the ideal destination. In the area you will also find many taverns.

9. Perivolos beach

Perivolos is one of the most beautiful organized beaches on the island, very large in length and width, with fine sand and clear deep waters. It is essentially the continuation of the beach of Perissa, in the southeastern part of Santorini. It has intense tourist traffic, lounges, umbrellas, cafes, beach bars with loud music, taverns right by the sea and many water activities, but at the same time it is an ideal beach for relaxation, since as visitors move away from the bars and find the peace they want.

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