How to unblock your septic tank?


How to unblock your septic tank?

The overflow of the septic tank poses risks to our health, but also to the space itself, since dirty water and sewage can enter and cause great damage. So, it is important to plan timely evacuation of septic tanks with reliable professionals – Αποφράξεις Βύρωνας, to avoid possible problems.

Sewer discharges – Find reliable professionals

The professionals who work with our platform, are available daily, to undertake the emptying of the septic tank you need, with special machines and a tanker. All you have to do is fill out our short form for free, so that we can get you in touch with the right professional and give you an offer.

How do you get a quote for emptying a sewer – pumping water?

If you want to know the price for sewer discharges, especially for the needs of your work, the solution is very simple. Fill out our form completely free of charge. Within a few seconds we will find you a suitable professional for septic tank evacuation in your area, so that you can contact and give us a personalized offer!

How do you avoid the need for frequent sewer emptying?

  • Replace the hood with a waterproof one.
  • Avoid throwing papers and small items in the toilet bowl and siphons.
  • Take care to clean the septic tank before emptying.
  • Consult a professional about the cleaners you use.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance of the septic tank before a problem occurs.
  • You can turn the building’s septic tank into an organic wastewater treatment plant so you don’t have to empty a septic tank again.
  • Seal the septic tank so that it is not filled with rainwater and you will be able to avoid draining the septic tank for years.

4 actions that will help you with your septic tank:

1. Replacing the hood with a seal:

Although the use of hoods is at first glance much more convenient, the reality is different. Absorbent septic tanks, over time, lose their absorbency and often lead to sewage leaks and the need for evacuation, while at the same time significantly burdening the environment.

2. Avoid dumping small items:

One of the most important steps, if you want to avoid frequent septic tank discharges, is to use them carefully. Avoid throwing paper and plastic on the siphons and basins, as they are not easy to break, resulting in clogging and the need to empty a cesspool.

3. Regular maintenance control:

With chronic use, fats, salts and foods accumulate, clogging the pipes and preventing water from passing through. Frequent maintenance by a qualified professional and preventive sewer emptying is the best protection against clogging.

4. Pay attention to the cleaners you use:

Strange as it may seem to you, some septic cleaners have the opposite effect from what you think. Some chemicals neutralize the bacteria inside the septic tank and help break down the sewage, resulting in rapid overflow of the septic tank and the need for frequent discharges.

How often do sewer discharges need to be performed?

Remember to take care of cleaning and maintaining the septic tank in your building, about once or twice a year. In this way, you significantly reduce the need for frequent septic tank discharges.

The frequency required for septic tank discharges is affected by two main factors. The first factor is the type of septic tank and the second is how it is used.

Why trust the technicians of Apofraxeis Vyronas for sewer discharges?

The blocking workshops of our platform have the most modern equipment in pressurized machines, tankers and suction pumps, while they also have many years of experience in emptying a septic tank.

They can reliably undertake any work related to septic tank discharges, biological treatment plants, water pumping, daily.

If you need immediate work to remove septic tanks, we have the solution. Submit your work on our platform completely free of charge and within a few seconds we will contact you with a suitable professional for septic tank emptying, to give you an offer!


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